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One of our crew members adding a cable into a twin stem tree. 

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Cabling & Bracing


In some situations, trees can benefit from additional support to protect questionable branch unions. In cases where co-dominant stems and included bark are present, and targets are in range, additional support is an advisable form of insurance against possible failure. We use ANSI-approved cable and fasteners to provide your trees with the additional support they need. 

To install a cable, we drill a small 3/8 inch hole through the limbs or trunks to be cabled. We then thread the cable through, attach the hardware, and apply tension to set the cable just "taut." We use ANSI-approved extra high strength (EHS) steel cable with a breaking strength of 11,000 pounds, and Rig Guy hardware which allows us to install cable in a more finished and less cluttered fashion. Cables may be advisable in cases of:

  • Co-dominant stems

  • Split or decayed branch unions

  • Included bark  

  • Multi-stemmed trees 

  • Branches that pose risks or potential threats to targets below

All tree support systems should be inspected on a yearly basis because over time cables may require adjustment.

Professional service by a certified arborist at a fair price.

~Lynda Akerman

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