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Frequently Asked Questions
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“What are the next steps after meeting with Caleb?”

We go back to our office to discuss notes and then write a full proposal with description of how and why work will be completed and the cost, all of which is sent via email. You can then review, pick and choose work you want to accept, then accept and put down 25% deposit all online. Then we put you on our schedule. 


“What do you mean by reduction cut?”

Reduction cut is a type of pruning cut that removes the larger of two or more branches or stems to a live lateral branch, typically at least one-third the diameter of the stem or branch being removed. Using this type of pruning will reduce density of branches and foliage on the outer edges of the canopy.


“Do I have to be home when the work is getting done?”

Your time is valuable and we understand that your schedule may conflict. The client does not need to be present during the performance of the work. The crews are provided with a work order reflecting the services and job specifications contracted by the client along with a map of the property.

“Can I keep the firewood from trees you cut down?”

Yes. Log wood can be left in log lengths or cut to 16” rounds. We do not split the wood into firewood pieces. 


“Can I keep the wood chips?”

Yes - and we encourage you too! Wood chips are very beneficial to be used in garden beds, mulch rings around trees, etc.

Caleb discussing pruning options in her maple during an arborist consultation.


We guarantee all work will be done in a professional and workmanlike manner to the specifications in the contract. Our work will meet or exceed standards set by the American National Institute (ANSI) and the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).

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