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Tree Removal

There can be many reasons to remove a tree. Dead or dying trees can pose a risk to valuable targets, a tree may be too close to a house or structure, or it simply may not fit into your landscape plans. Whatever the reason, New Leaf Tree Services Inc has the trained staff to bring your tree down safely, efficiently, and with as little disturbance to your surrounding property as possible. ​

  • Dead or dying trees: Can pose a risk of failure and could damage nearby targets.

  • Storm damaged trees: More susceptible to disease, decay, and other future issues.

  • Hazardous trees: Trees with obvious decay, holes, or cracks may have serious interior structural issues.

  • Tree thinning: This can allow for more light and air penetration and give surrounding trees room to expand and flourish.

  • Trees in undesired locations: Trees that are too close to structures or utility lines must sometimes be removed to prevent costly damage.

  • Landscape projects: If you are starting a project and need trees cleared.

  • Aesthetic purposes: Sometimes trees may simply not fit into your landscape plan. Removing them can open up more space and enhance the beauty of your remaining trees.


Tree removal utilizing a grapplesaw crane.

Removal of a pine tree  with decay at the base of the trunk.

I have had a variety of tree work done on my property from large trees taken down to trimming, clearing and planting of new trees. The New Leaf crew has always been a pleasure to work with from start to finish.

~Marissa Celli

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