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Arborist Consultations

Why should you discuss your trees with a certified arborist?


When a human or animal ailment needs treatment, a doctor must first diagnose the problem. Without knowing what the issue is, it can be near impossible to prescribe the right medication. The same is true with trees. There are hosts of pathogens, both biotic and abiotic, that can affect trees. Without knowing what is truly affecting the tree in question, any treatment recommendation is pure guesswork. At New Leaf Tree Services Inc we draw on our own knowledge and experiences, and we consult the finest diagnostic labs in the area to provide you with as complete a picture as possible. Prescription without such thorough diagnosis is malpractice. Any tree person who does not adhere to this is taking stabs in the dark. 


Key questions an arborist should ask about your trees:

  • How long has the issue been present?

  • What were the early symptoms?

  • How have the symptoms changed over time? 

  • Has there been any new activity (construction, landscaping, fertilization, etc.) in the surrounding area?

  • Are any other nearby trees showing similar symptoms?


Plant health problems may be due to living (biotic) agents, or non-living (abiotic) agents. Here are examples of biotic disorders: 

  • Plant pathogens

  • Insect pests

  • Animals


Here are examples of abiotic disorders: 

  • Soil compaction

  • Mineral deficiencies

  • Mechanical injury

  • Environmental problems

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Caleb Discussing the removal of an ash tree infected by the Emerald ash borer (EAB).

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