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~Est. 2011~

We work with trees to ensure the safety and beauty of landscapes, improve property, and promote the wellbeing of the environment. Our practice is governed by principles of safety and integrity. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusiveness and respect within our crew as well as in the community.

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We offer conscientious tree services — from pruning and removals to plantings and tree risk assessments. Safeguard your home and family from tree-related incidents. We love seeing our clients be proactive!

We are fully insured and are happy to provide credentials upon request. We primarily service Columbia County NY, as well as portions of Dutchess, Greene, and Rensselaer Counties.

New Leaf Tree Services, Inc

Owned and operated by ISA Certified Arborist Caleb White (NY-5816A), you can take confidence in our professional recommendations and impeccable service.

Aerial Worker, Johannes is in the process of removing a tree.

Meet with a Certified Arborist


Looking to discuss your trees with a certified arborist?

We offer one-on-one arborist consultations with Caleb to discuss and evaluate your trees, answer any questions or concerns, then formulate a plan of action. We also offer appointments for estimates.


If you are looking to discuss just a few trees, you may choose a 15-minute appointment. We offer 45-minute appointments for more thorough property evaluations and discussions. Please note - we typically have a tight schedule, and must adhere to meeting lengths.


If you have not previously hired New Leaf Tree Services Inc, there is a fee associated with our appointments ($50 / 15 minute, $150 / 45 minute).

ISA Certified Arborist Caleb White (NY-5816A)


Free Estimates

Would you rather get an estimate without meeting in person?

We offer free estimates for simple and easy-to-describe work.


This will forgo an in-person meeting. Perfect for one or two trees that can be easily found on your property.



Storm Damage Cleanup

New Leaf Ecological Landscapes LLC

To practice responsible land stewardship by promoting, facilitating, and managing property to create and support ecologically diverse native landscapes.

We offer management plans that work to convert lawns and otherwise barren spaces into meadows and re-foresting wooded areas utilizing native plants. 


Goldenrods are a top-ranked herbaceous plant for biodiversity. They provide important late-season nectar & pollen for our declining pollinators

Extraordinary work! Quick, efficient, and SAFE!! They were not only terrific about taking down trees. They were also mindful of the trees that could be saved. Their knowledge of trees is boundless. I recommend them highly.

~Anamyn & Eddie in Ghent, NY


Our 101' Easy Lift


Contact Us

90 Hudson Ave. 

PO Box 291  Chatham, NY 12037



Johannes cutting a stump as low to the ground as possible

All artwork created by Maude White.  Original paper cuts of native trees in NY. This page features paper cuttings of a native red oak (Quercus rubra). 

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