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New Leaf Tree Services, Inc.


Contact Us


90 Hudson Ave. PO Box 291  Chatham, NY 12037

         Email us at OR Call us at 518-526-6675 


Our Office Hours are 7:30am to 4:30pm (M-F)

Meet with a Certified Arborist


Looking to discuss your trees with a certified arborist?


We offer one-on-one arborist consultations with Caleb to discuss and evaluate your trees, answer any questions or concerns, then formulate a plan of action. We also offer appointments for estimates. If you are looking to discuss just a few trees, you may choose a 15-minute appointment. We offer 45-minute appointments for more thorough property evaluations and discussions. Please note - we typically have a tight schedule, and must adhere to meeting lengths.



If you have not previously hired New Leaf Tree Services Inc, there is a fee

associated with our appointments ($50 / 15 minute, $150 / 45 minute).


ISA Certified Arborist Caleb White (NY-5816A)

Would you rather get an estimate without meeting in person?

We offer free estimates for simple and easy-to-describe work. This will forgo an in-person meeting. Perfect for one or two trees that can be easily found on your property. Someone from our team will review the form, stop by to confirm specifics (if necessary), then write up a proposal for your work. Please have notated photos and information about utilities, septic tanks, landmarks, etc. ready for uploading. All trees should be marked with flagging tape / ribbon.

New Leaf Ecological Landscapes LLC

If you are interested in converting or managing your property to support native beneficial landscapes, we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the contact form below to set up a phone conversation with Caleb and start planning!


For appointments outside of Columbia County, please call our office at 518-526-6675, or email us at for more information.


Due to our busy schedule, we are not able to take on emergency or storm damage cleanup work for new customers.

New Leaf Tree Services Inc is incredible! Reasonably priced and highly qualified. A great team of guys came to take down a tree that was endangering our house, and they couldn't have been more pleasant or better at this difficult job! They also worked on the other trees on our property, ensuring that both us and the trees are safe. We will definitely hire them in the future. Highly recommended.

~Jane in East Chatham, NY

Our Process






  • Schedule an appointment online to meet with a certified arborist

  • Fill out our Free Estimate Form

  • Email, Call or Text

  • Caleb will meet you at your property (if scheduling to meet with an arborist)

  • Someone with stop by to take a look when they are in your area (if requesting a free estimate)

  • A detailed, itemized list will be written in a proposal and sent via email

  • Review, sign document & put down deposit (all can be done online!)

  • Work will be added to our calendar once accepted

  • We will be in touch a few days prior to crew's arrival

  • Crew will complete job as described

  • Caleb will followup with final invoice of work , including photos of finalized work 

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