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Terms and Conditions

Our Guarantee: All work will be completed as outlined in this estimate. Should changes be necessary, we will make sure to discuss them with you prior to our making them. This may result in changes to the total cost, which we will make clear to you. 


Insurance: New Leaf Tree Services Inc carries full liability insurance, as well as worker’s compensation insurance for all our employee’s. We are more than happy to provide you with a current certificate of insurance at your request.


Working With Trees: Trees and other plant life are living, changing organisms affected by several factors beyond our control. When living near trees there is an inherent degree of risk that one assumes- the only way to eliminate the risk of tree failure is to eliminate all trees near a target.


Arborist Statement: Arborists cannot detect or anticipate every condition or event that could possibly lead to the structural failure of a tree, or guarantee that a tree will be healthy or safe under all circumstances. Trees can be managed but they cannot be controlled.


Tree Ownership: With acceptance of this contract, the client is guaranteeing ownership of the trees referenced in this estimate. New Leaf Tree Services Inc required written permission from the owner of a tree in circumstances where the client is not the owner of the trees referenced. 


Underground Fixtures: It is the responsibility of the property owner to advise New Leaf Tree Services Inc of any underground utilities, tanks, wells, cables, etc. Repair to undisclosed underground items will be the responsibility of the property owner.


Equipment Access: The prices given in the estimate assume access for our equipment. Should our equipment not have access, we will consult with you on alternative options, which may alter the prices given.


Lawn/Driveway Repair: While we will do our best to mitigate any damage, there is a possibility that in the process of completing the work there may be damage sustained to lawns, driveways, or sidewalks. Tractors and trucks can leave tracks, and falling branches can create divots. Repairs are not included in this estimate unless otherwise noted. Please notify us of any concerns you may have prior to the work commencing and we will do our best to satisfy your needs.

Tree Care Standards: All work will be performed in accordance with current American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standard practices for tree work, as well as Best Management Practices as outlined by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA). Climbing spikes will only be used on trees marked for removal.


Tree Risk: Site inspections do not automatically include a tree risk assessment. Unless otherwise noted, trees are visibly inspected only. The only trees that were inspected are listed on this estimate. When elevated levels of risk are observed, we will inform you and advise on the best way to mitigate that risk. New Leaf Tree Services Inc will not assume any liability for any accidents, damage, or injury occurring from identified trees of risk. 


Cabling: Cabling and bracing of trees is intended to reduce hazard potential only. It does not permanently remedy structural weaknesses, is not a guarantee against failure, and requires periodic inspection.


Power / Phone / Cable Lines: Sometimes utility lines need to be temporarily lowered to do our work. In such events we will inform you in advance in a written estimate. While service providers do this free of charge it needs to be scheduled in conjunction with our availability, and arranging with the various entities can be very time consuming. New Leaf Tree Services Inc can arrange scheduling of takedowns for an extra fee. If the property owner assumes responsibility for scheduling a takedown, any time waiting on site for lines to be lowered will be charged at a rate of $80/ man hour.

Hidden Material Inside Trees & Stumps: In the event we find concrete or metal hardware hidden inside trees or stumps while working, additional costs may be incurred to cover potential damage to equipment and increased labor and disposal charges. We will discuss these potential increases with you prior to continuing work.


Scheduling: Upon our receiving a copy of this signed estimate, along with a deposit for 25% of the total cost you will be added to our work schedule. We will do our best to accommodate any specific dates and times, though that may limit our availability. It is understood that there are many factors that can alter a schedule (weather conditions, illness, etc.). We will do our best to inform you of any conflicts in advance.


Payment Terms: Unless otherwise noted, the client agrees to provide a 25% deposit to secure a spot on our schedule, with the balance due upon completion of the work. If the client is not on site and unable to provide payment, payment will be due upon receiving an emailed invoice. Unpaid balances after 30 days will accrue a 5% late fee, and every 30 days thereafter until the full amount is paid. Your prompt payment is appreciated.

Deposit Refunds: In the event you wish to cancel your contract with us, we are happy to provide you with a refund of your deposit, less a 5% processing fee. Refunds will be made in the form of a check and mailed upon request.


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