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Tree Care
Tree & Shrub Pruning
Tree & Shrub Pruning
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When executed correctly, tree pruning can have many beneficial effects. Whether it is cutting back a suspect limb to protect a target below, thinning out a crown to provide more light and air movement, or simply pruning for aesthetics, New Leaf Tree Services Inc will bring a trained eye and professional experience to the job. And with our 83-foot and 101-foot tracked lifts, we've got tree pruning covered.

  • Crown cleaning: A selective pruning to remove any dead, weak, rubbing, or suspect branches from the crown.

  • Raising: Pruning to increase clearance underneath and raise the crown space.

  • Thinning: Pruning to create space within the crown, allowing for increased light penetration and airflow within the crown.

  • Reduction: Selective pruning to reduce the size and/or shape of the canopy.

  • Structural: Pruning with the goal of creating a better, stronger structure, and decreasing the chances of structural failure.

  • Restoration: Pruning to improve the structure, form, and appearance of a tree that has been damaged.

  • Vista: Pruning to improve or open a view.

  • Target protection: Pruning to eliminate any potential hazards and to protect the area below.

Tree Removal
Tree Removal
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There can be many reasons to remove a tree. Dead or dying trees can pose a risk to valuable targets, a tree may be too close to a house or structure, or it simply may not fit into your landscape plans. Whatever the reason, New Leaf Tree Services Inc has the trained staff to bring your tree down safely, efficiently, and with as little disturbance to your surrounding property as possible. ​


  • Dead or dying trees: Can pose a risk of failure and could damage nearby targets.

  • Storm damaged trees: More susceptible to disease, decay, and other future issues.

  • Hazardous trees: Trees with obvious decay, holes, or cracks may have serious interior structural issues.

  • Tree thinning: This can allow for more light and air penetration and give surrounding trees room to expand and flourish.

  • Trees in undesired locations: Trees that are too close to structures or utility lines must sometimes be removed to prevent costly damage.

  • Landscape projects: If you are starting a project and need trees cleared.

  • Aesthetic purposes: Sometimes trees may simply not fit into your landscape plan. Removing them can open up more space and enhance the beauty of your remaining trees.

Stump Grinding
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Stump Grinding


We offer full stump removal using our 24" remote-controlled grinder.

Options include simply grinding and leaving shavings in place, removing excess shavings to leave the area graded out evenly, or removing shavings and topping the area with soil, grass seed, and chopped straw.

While we typically grind to a depth of 4-6" below grade, when needed we can grind to a depth of 1' below grade.

Cable & Bracing
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In some situations, trees can benefit from additional support to protect questionable branch unions. In cases where co-dominant stems and included bark are present, and targets are in range, additional support is an advisable form of insurance against possible failure. We use ANSI-approved cables and fasteners to provide your trees with the additional support they need. 

To install a cable, we drill a small 3/8 inch hole through the limbs or trunks to be cabled. We then thread the cable through, attach the hardware, and apply tension to set the cable just "taut." We use ANSI-approved extra high strength (EHS) steel cable with a breaking strength of 11,000 pounds, and Rig Guy hardware which allows us to install cable in a more finished and less cluttered fashion. Cables may be advisable in cases of:

  • Co-dominant stems

  • Split or decayed branch unions

  • Included bark  

  • Multi-stemmed trees 

  • Branches that pose risks or potential threats to targets below

All tree support systems should be inspected on a yearly basis because over time cables may require adjustment.

Cabling & Bracing

Check out some of the jobs New Leaf Tree Services completed!
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Hazardous Tree Removal 


Canopy raise and weight reduction over roof


Clearing trees/shrubs/vines to create a view of the lake


Hazardous Tree Removal 

Simply the best! Caleb was professional, punctual and communicated at every point of the process. His crew is very professional, and we are happy to have utilized them for our recent tree service.

~Dan from Canaan, NY

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