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For the Love of Spring… And Ticks

It’s finally Spring! Hands down one of the best times to get outside and enjoy nature. The sun is shining, trees are budding, flowers blooming, grass growing and birds are singing. It’s almost perfect.

However, let us not forget that with spring, comes ticks. As a general rule, tick activity kicks into high gear April through September. It increases as the weather warms.

Here are a few simple steps you can put into practice at home to help prevent contact with these insatiable pests.

  • Keep grass short and maintained

  • Use a 3-6’ barrier of wood chips (mulch moat) between wooded areas and recreational areas. Ticks will not cross. (warning: they can however be carried across by pets or people)

  • Remove any brush, leaves, old furniture, trash, etc. from around the property, giving ticks a place to hide

  • Discourage unwelcome animals (deer, raccoons, stray dogs) from entering the yard (a fence, motion activated sprinklers, deer-repelling plants)

  • Remove tall grass (such as tall fescue) from around homes and yard perimeters

Basically a neat, tidy yard with dry conditions and minimal wildlife holds no appeal for ticks. Their favorite hiding spots are naturalized areas with weeds and tall grasses - especially if that environment is humid and shady.

Above all, be prudent with tick checks when coming indoors. Washing up within a couple hours of being outside not only helps rinse ticks off, but also gives the perfect opportunity to check for these tiny, formidable hitchhikers.

QuickTip! After playing outside, throw clothes in a hot dryer for about 10 minutes (before washing!) to kill any lingering ticks. Be well, stay well!


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