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January Update from New Leaf

I hope everyone enjoyed a safe and wonderful holiday season!

While the delay in the onset of typical winter weather has allowed us to keep pace with our scheduled work and we are entering the new year in good position to continue doing so, more typical winter conditions and temperatures are arriving. Frozen ground allows us to work much easier and with less impact than when the ground is soft and wet, and we enjoy moving to the work of pruning ornamental and fruit trees during the colder months, while continuing with our aerial pruning and removal work.

As the seasons change, we reflect on where we hope to see our efforts grow in the time ahead. We continue to put much thought into finding ways to help preserve and augment native plant communities and ecologically beneficial landscapes. That will be the focus of our new company New Leaf Ecological Landscapes LLC,mentioned in our previous email update.Conversion of lawns to meadows and the planting of native shrubs and trees will have a positive impact for our birds, bees, butterflies, and other beneficial insects and wildlife. Look out for more information later this winter about our offerings for the spring landscape season.

We are exploring the possibility of introducing a pilot tree replacement program in the upcoming season. The goal of the program will be to offer (at an affordable cost) small native trees and shrubs – planted by us and deer protected – as one-for-one replacements for trees that we remove. More on this next month.

We have modernized our company website, and the new version is now LIVE! Our hope is that current and new clients will be able to learn more about our company approach, our crew, and the services we provide, while being able to easily get in touch and schedule appointments.

Our new site includes a learning center that will feature seasonal updates (such as this one), blog posts, FAQs, recommended reading lists, and more. We will continue to make material available and accessible so that we can all do our part in helping to support the environment.

All of the artwork for our new website was created by my sister, Maude White, in the form of original paper cuts. Each web page features a different tree species native to New York State. Maude is the author of Brave Birds (Abrams, 2018) and the upcoming Resilience Alchemy (Running Press, fall 2022). You can see more of her work at

Thank you all for making 2021 a memorable year and best wishes for 2022.

Stay safe!


Caleb White

New Leaf Tree Services Inc & New Leaf Ecological Landscapes LLC



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