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Forest Bathing - Leave your phone at home

A growing number of studies show that visiting green spaces and forests and being exposed to natural environments can reduce stress. Forest bathing is a mindful, stress reducing, light relaxation method which grounds us and connects us with our senses.

Forests have so many great characteristics that benefit our body, heart and soul. Wandering through the woods is a practice for which we don’t need any previous knowledge, except an openness and desire to discover new things.

Walk into the woods, be present and take in your environment. Just being surrounded by trees lowers pulse, blood pressure and positively affects our nervous system. It reduces stress, depression and can even help you sleep better. Surely we can all use these benefits right now.

So turn off your phone, go to the nearest park or forest and wander out and explore. Be in harmony with nature and relax your mind. Rest. Breathe. And feel free to hug the trees along the way!


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