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Stump Removal


There are several reasons to remove stumps:

  •  Stumps  are known to create tripping hazards

  •  Provide a home for pests

  • Mitigate new shoots from sprouting years after the tree has been removed

  • Allows you to mow the area without issues


 Removing a stump will allow the option to replant a tree in its place - this is usually done around 5 feet from the original hole. If interested, we can replace the tree being removed with a native, bare-root sapling.


We own a 24” wheel stump grinder controlled with a remote.


We can grind stumps 2-6" below grade, depending on your needs! Shavings can be raked over the hole or be removed - you also have the option for us to add topsoil to get organic material back into the ground. Additionally, we can add grass seed and straw, with final results looking like  a tree was never there in the first place.


Cutting stump as low to the ground as possible to prep for stump grinding.

Jan grinding a stump below grade.

Caleb and the New Leaf Tree Service team were a pleasure to deal with - they worked efficiently and had everything cleaned up in no time. An absolutely positive experience!

~JeanneMarie Akramoff

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