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Product Information & Pricing  

At New Leaf Tree Services we take pride in offering organic, locally sourced, and high-quality landscaping essentials tailored to elevate your outdoor spaces. Our commitment to excellence resonates in every product we provide, ensuring that your landscaping endeavors reflect both environmental stewardship and long-term benefits. From natural wood chips and mulch to a range of garden essentials, we are dedicated to supplying you with sustainable solutions that nurture both your garden and the planet.


Double Ground Premium 1" Mulch
$40/ cubic yard
Double Ground Recycled 2" Mulch
$30/ cubic yard


Our mulch is a blend of hard and soft woods, completely organic and free from dyes. Mulch is an essential component for any garden bed, suppressing weeds while maintaining optimal soil moisture levels. As it gradually decomposes, it enriches your garden soil with vital nutrients, allowing your plants to thrive and flourish. Choose from our two grades: a screened 2-inch ground option, or our premium screened 1-inch blend made from wood chips.

Natural Wood Chips
$10/ cubic yard

Wood Chips

Our natural wood chips originate from our tree removal and pruning services. The chips vary in size and may include sticks and leaf debris. While similar to our mulch in benefits, our wood chips feature larger and more irregular sizes, which means they take longer to break down, extending their nutrient-depositing potential.

Hudson Soil Co.
Certified Organic Compost

$130/ cubic yard or $9/ 5 gallon

Garden Soil

Processed locally in the Hudson Valley, this compost is a mixture of woodchips, leaves, manure and food residuals.  Compost is rich in nutrients and widely used by farmers and gardeners, as it helps improve soilhealth, reduces watering needs and yields stronger, healthier plants. 


Hudson Soil Co. Worm Castings
$8/ gallon

Worm Castings

Worm castings are a potent source of essential nutrients and beneficial soil microbes that partner with your plants to support their long-term health.  Incorporating worm castings suppresses plant disease, builds resilience against pests, and enhances seed germination and plant production. 

$75 flat rate + $2 / mile one way


We are excited to bring our products right to your doorstep! Our delivery service starts with a minimum order of 3 cubic yards. We will happily arrange the sale and delivery of materials tailored just for you. Please contact us at or call Dael at (518) 526-6675. 

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